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Your child is the center of our attention

You are looking for a residential school, or you are asking yourself if a boarding school is the best possible way to prepare your child for the future? This is not an easy decision to take, because it is not only about getting a good, well-founded school education, it is also about making sure that your child will be well-taken care of and - especially - will be happy in the new environment!

For us it is very important that your decision for our boarding school will be taken actively and consciously together with your child. The Humboldt-boarding school should become a new home for your child, a place, where (s)he feels as happy as in a big family. We consider this the basis for the academic achievements that you (and the Humboldt-staff) want your child to reach at school.

To change schools requires a lot of planning on your side. We will provide you with an overview of the necessary steps that international students or national students ought to take when applying, so that you are well informed before taking a decision, or even before first getting in touch with us. You will see that we can advise and support you really well for almost all of the necessary steps.

You can certainly also ask us any questions you might have concerning the "Gymnasium", the boarding school, the admission requirements, the tuition or boarding fees, or you can arrange an individual appointment with us, so that we can advise you in detail, and we can get to know each other.

We are looking forward to your and to talking to you personally!

Kim Kluckhohn
Academic Director