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Boarding school regulations

1. Alcohol

The possession and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in our school building and on all school premises. Germany's Youth Protection Act also applies. 


2. Drugs

Anyone bringing drugs onto school premises, and/or consuming them on school premises will be expelled from the boarding school without prior warning and will have to leave the school. 

3. Sexual Acts

Sexual acts and sexual intercourse between students are not permitted. 

4. Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all buildings of the boarding school. Students at least 16 years of age may only smoke in the designated smokers' corner, next to the back door of the school building. The smokers' corner must be kept clean. 

5. Rooms

For safety reasons the rooms are to be locked. Students may not leave their keys in the keyhole from the inside of the room.

The rooms are to be kept tidy and clean.

Every resident of the boarding school is responsible for his or her own room - any damage must be reported and charges may apply. Students must report any lost keys immediately.

When leaving the room please switch off the light and all other electrical devices, keep the windows closed, especially on the top floor, to prevent storm or rain damage.

Students may only listen to music in their rooms at low volume.

Students are not allowed to take dishes to their rooms or eat in their rooms. Pictures, photos, stickers etc. may only be hung on bulletin boards and not on walls, doors, windows or furniture.

6. Curfew

Junior students must be in their rooms at 9:30 p.m. and teenage students at 10:30 p.m. 

Junior students must be in bed at 10 p.m. and teenagers at 11 p.m. Curfew is extended by one hour on Friday and Saturday nights. 

After bed time (lights out), quiet hours apply for the whole building – students are not allowed to run around or visit each other. 


7. Laptops

Laptops are students' private property. Nevertheless, students must turn their laptops to the school office before curfew from Sunday to Thursday (juniors at 9:30 p.m., teenagers at 10:15 p.m.). The owners can go to the office in person after class to pick up their laptops for their own use.

Laptops may be confiscated for a certain time at the discretion of the director of the school/boarding school, or of the advisor, extracurricular activities coordinator or teacher, if

  • the student spends an excessive amount of time with his/her laptop and hence does not participate in the extracurricular activities offered and/or his or her school performance suffers from it.
  • the student browses websites or plays games that glorify violence or have pornographic content.
  • a student lends his laptop to another student whose laptop had already been confiscated due to the reasons indicated above.

The laptop will only be returned if the student's school performance has improved considerably, or if the student begins participating in the extracurricular activities. Before the laptop is returned, any kind of games with pornographic content or that glorify violence will be deleted from the hard drive. The corresponding DVDs or CDs will be confiscated.


8. Miscellaneous

Fire alarm: Students are to leave the building as soon as possible, calmly, without panic and without locking their rooms. Everyone is to gather at the meeting point at the parking lot in front of the car port. Students must follow the staff's instructions immediately.

The possession of weapons (knives with fixed blades, soft air pistols, etc.) is prohibited.

Students must immediately follow all instructions given by the staff of the Humboldt-Institut.