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Dear parents, dear students,

For more than 40 years the Humboldt-Institut has been passionately dedicating itself to the education of young people. Ever since the foundation days our focus has been on the intercultural and international exchange, as learners from all over the world gather at the Humboldt-Institut to pursue common educational objectives.

Internationalization and intercultural competence have long found their way into education and are considered an important factor of modern upbringing, formation and culture. We therefore are very happy to have found a competent partner, the “Lindenberg Gymnasium”: through this cooperation, we can offer our international students not only to teach them the German language, but to continue their education in the Humboldt-boarding school and take their "Abitur" at the “Lindenberg Gymnasium”.

Obviously, this option is similarly available to German students. They, too, can enjoy the really unique cosmopolitan atmosphere at the Humboldt-boarding school while profiting from the expertise of the “Lindenberg Gymnasium” and the prestigious Bavarian "Abitur". Imagine a living-environment where it is absolutely normal that Italians, Russians, Brazilians, Chinese and Germans have dinner together, play games with one another, exercise together, or visit famous sights like the German Museum in Munich or Neuschwanstein Castle during a weekend excursion.

We are convinced that we not only facilitate young people a profound secondary education, but that through the international yet family-like atmosphere in our boarding school we contribute significantly to their personal and social development and thus prepare them even better for the requirements of the world awaiting them after school.

With kind regards from the Humboldt-Institut boarding school Lindenberg,

Sincerely yours,

Norbert Güthling